hi everyone! 

I hope I don't hurt feeling pf true HODLers, but I have a question for those who are planning to exchange their crypto (I guess mainly BTC) for other assets at the end of the "bull cycle". Let's say you want to rebalance you portfolio, or replace crypto for other assets, how would you do that? The reason I'm asking for the views of the community is because I see some risks taking into account the price level of BTC. So I would appreciate any input on this. 

  1. sell BTC for USDT/USDC. I have concerns (maybe I'm completely wrong on this) about trustworthiness in the absence of real audit of USDT. Especially is price of BTC goes above let's say 140K, and we see that run into USDT the risk that there's no proven fiat collateral for the USDT becomes significant. As for USDC the daily turnover is just too small in terms of future prices of BTC. 
  2. sell BTC for fiat. What would be your choice for the exchange. When there's a run for a exchanging BTC for fiat, and the turnover would be enormous comparing to what top exchanges have seen before, the issue of security also becomes significant.   


Maybe my questions might seem a bit off, but would appreciate any input of the community. After all I hope this is what partially THE EXCHAGE is made for.