tl;dr I'm a simple investor, my equity and stock porflio is built out of five ETFs. With crypto in its early stages and no ETFs, I'm constructing a portfolio if individual coins/tokens. I wanted to share my approach for feedback, and see how others are approaching their crypto allocation. I know this exchange is not for BTC, but I mention BTC since it is part of the portfolio. 

Current Portfolio

  • 83% BTC
    • I see this as a value store, and think it should make up at least 75% of my portfolio. 
  • 7% ETH
    • In the past week I started acquiring ETH based on learnings from RV. I see ETH as the plumbing of DeFi so it seems like a potential good asset since DeFi seems like it's not a trend (like ICOs) but has staying power. 
  • 1% DOT
    • The idea about DOT came up in one of the RV interviews (can't remember the specific one), but one of the guests said they believed it would be the best performing asset next year. I like the concept of its plug-and-play development tools, and existing proof of stake which could take ETH a long time to reach. 
  • 9% USDC
    • This is my cash position which I want to deploy into either more BTC and ETH or other assets. 

Proposed Portfolio 

  • 80% BTC
  • 10% ETH
  • 5% DOT
  • 5% LINK - I became interested in Chainlink listening to the Kain Warwick interview by Alex Saunders. While Kain was talking about ETH and his Synthetix project he mentioned Chainlink being the source of truth for the synthetic derivatives he's creating. It seems like if DeFi grows LINK could become part of the plumbing (ETH for transactions, LINK for data). 

What Are Your Thoughts?

What do you think of the proposed portolio? Does a keep it simple BTC/ETH approach make sense or does some extra speculation into the potential plumbing of the future (DOT and LINK) make sense? What is your asset allocation looking like for Crypto?